Project Overview

Specification languages are a large part of Software Engineering. Learning how to write a rigorous model is a fundamental part of designing good code. This report aims to explore the Alloy specification language, its application through the Alloy Analyzer tool and its potential in teaching. By writing a website 1 aimed at conveying Alloy to our peers, we were able to experience first-hand the intricacies of Alloy. We found that Alloy is a highly intuitive language that lends itself well as an introduction to formal specification languages. The sim- plistic synthax and the well developed Alloy Analyzer tool makes Alloy highly condusive to quick learning. As a result of this report we hope Alloy will see more widespread use in education as well as encouraging further development of the language itself.


Edward Yue Shung Wong, Michael Herrmann, Omar Tayeb

Relevant Links

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