Getting Started

To install Alloy visit the Install page. Or go to the AlloyTools Github to download the latest release 5.1.0. To start running Alloy, type java -jar org.alloytools.alloy.dist.jar in a console.

Follow along step-by-step in this tutorial by Rob Seater and Greg Dennis. It introduces how to write declarative models, walks through the Alloy interface and visualizer, and goes through two sample models. It also includes separate slides.

Check out this quick user guide to using Alloy which will teach you how to use the Alloy Analyzer, walk through the Analyzer GUI, and perform model analysis, and brief over new features in Alloy’s latest release.

Grow with Alloy

Go through the library which hosts a comprehensive guide to Alloy’s standard API.

Read Software Abstractions which introduces Alloy’s novel approach to software design. The book has its own website, complete with sample chapters and downloadable examples for all examples in the book.

Dive straight into Alloy code by checking out some Alloy API examples using the compiler, ast, and evaluator.

Further Exploration

See how Alloy comparisons to other specification languages such as Z, B, VDM and OCL.

Check out the core syntax for Alloy in plain text form.